Set Stupa Incense, Yoga
Set Stupa Incense, Yoga
Set Stupa Incense, Yoga
Set Stupa Incense, Yoga
Set Stupa Incense, Yoga
Set Stupa Incense, Yoga

Set Stupa Incense, Yoga

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Treat yourself and loved ones with a set of incense sticks inspired by the Nepalese New Year ritual Mha Puja, which is said to ensure prosperity and happiness for the whole year. The name of the ceremony means "self-worship" and is an expression of inner love, acceptance and respect. It is a celebration of a deep relationship with oneself. The set consists of eight different fragrances that relax and restore natural balance. Herbal and woody aromas remove fatigue, calm the mind, improve mood and deeply relax. It's a great gift idea for yourself or a loved one and an invitation to treat yourself with care and tenderness.

Set: Eight incense fragrances (160 pieces of incense, 20 pieces in each fragrance), a ceramic incense plate, a notebook for isnpirational thoughts and a card to write wishes.

Citronella incense with fresh herbal and lemon notes that remove fatigue, improve mood and promote regeneration.
A warm, woody fragrance of frankincense that promotes tranquility, relaxes and refreshes the mind.
A deep, herbal sandalwood aroma that helps you relax and supports the practice of yoga and meditation.
Himalayan Cedar
Incense with the refreshing woody-herbal scent of Himalayan cedar, which calms the mind and deeply relaxes.
A deep, resinous aroma of myrrh that promotes relaxation, brings relaxation and supports the practice of yoga and meditation.
A fragrance with soft, woody and floral notes. Delicately sweet, it promotes relaxation and soothes the mind.
Austha Suganda
Herbal-scented incense with a noticeable sweet hint of licorice. The earthy and spicy aroma calms, soothes and aids concentration.
Earthy and spicy aroma with a noticeable citrus note that deeply relaxes, soothes and refreshes.
Deep, herbal aroma of Himalayan Cedar that clears the mind, removes fatigue and helps you relax.
Light the top of the incense, and after a moment, blow out the flame to let it smolder gently. One incense burns for about 20 minutes. Place a plate under the incense. To extinguish it completely, just press it carefully against the plate with the smoky end and make sure it is completely out.

160 incense sticks (length of incense about 10 cm), ceramic plate for incense, notebook and greeting card




handmade paper packaging


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