JOYINME is more than a brand. It is an invitation to the world of yoga. We believe that yoga brings change, helps us develop patience, kindness, tolerance and the ability to let go. The practice teaches us that everything is interconnected and opens us up to conscious contact with the universe, other people, ourselves. Offering beautiful, top quality products to complement the practice. We want to encourage you to explore yoga on and off the mat. In our portfolio you will find yoga mats and accessories, sensory practice clothes, comfortable everyday clothes adorned with affirmations, and natural incense and candles to help ground your daily practice.



Our fascination with yoga is what makes us who we are. In creating the brand, we dreamed of connecting people who live in the spirit of Mindfulness, who hold conscious, healthy living and yoga close to their heart. We are committed to sharing knowledge that brings yoga closer and allows us to explore the practice. That is why we are happy to collaborate with yoga schools all over Poland, and more than 150 mats travel around the country waiting for you during numerous workshops and trips. We are happy that our social media has become a platform to recommend unique events and promote passionate teachers.



We know that caring for the planet and consumption do not go hand in hand. That is why we always try to choose solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our products. We believe in a method of continuous improvement.  



Our products are meant to bring joy for years to come. From the beginning, we design with an eye not on seasons or trends, but on simple, timeless forms and cuts. We want our customers to invest in long-lasting, quality yoga accessories and clothing by shopping consciously and responsibly. We make every effort to ensure that our products are made with the utmost care. However, if a product has a defect or doesn't meet your expectations let us know, we will be happy to help repair or replace it.



We believe that choosing sustainable materials has a real impact on the environment, which is why we put a lot of energy into finding high-quality, certified raw materials in our product development process. We choose FSC®-certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council®), all our materials are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, and an increasing proportion of our cotton is GOTS-certified and organically grown. In the production of sportswear where we use synthetic materials, we work with manufacturers who maintain ecological standards when dyeing the fabrics and use only environmentally friendly dyes.



To reduce the amount of unnecessary transport, we always try to choose locations of our production in close proximity to where we source our key raw materials and fabrics. Our main collection of garments is sewn locally in Poland from certified Polish knitted fabrics. Our mats are manufactured in Asia, where the natural rubber is sourced. The yoga leggings collection is sewn in China not far from where our proprietary fabric (ease™ ) is made. We bring our yoga mats and clothes to Poland by rail, the most ecological means of transport available.





We are in the process of completely excluding plastic from our packaging. We pack all garments in biodegradable bags produced from corn. The parcels we send to customers are cardboard and printed with plant-based and water-based inks. The only plastic packaging we still use is bubble wrap to protect glass bottles during long transport and plastic wrap to protect the mats from moisture. However, plastic makes up less than 10% of our total packaging and we are still looking for clever solutions to give it up completely.