Nag Champa Satya Incense Sticks

Nag Champa Satya Incense Sticks

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Satya Nag Champa is the best-known incense in the world. They are crafted completely from all-natural ingredients and hand-rolled by Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in India. As it is said in the Vedas, India's sacred texts, burning incense, which is the blend of natural herbs and oils, has a great impact on body, mind and spirit and in Hindu tradition is an everyday practice.

Satya Nag Champa contains sandalwood, champak flower powder, herbs, floral extracts and oils. In Indian culture sandalwood represents vitality. Both, in Buddhist and Hindu tradition it is considered as a perfect meditation tool. Its captivating scent helps the mind to unwind, grant a sense of awareness and promote relaxation. Champak tree grows naturally in Southeast Asia. In Hindu tradition gold flowers are used in temples and places of worship as offerings. Its flowers adds a smooth, rich scent to the blend. Nag Champa is a unique floral and musky fragrance that transforms your space into a sanctuary.
Light the coated tip of the incense until it ignites. Allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl. When you are finished, extinguish the stick by dabbing the lit end into a bowl.

10-12 incense sticks


Incenses Hand-rolled in India


cotton drawstring bag


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