Dragon's Blood Sage
Dragon's Blood Sage
Dragon's Blood Sage

Dragon's Blood Sage

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White Sage dipped in Dragon's Blood resin to bring a woody, spicy, aromatic blend.

Red tree resin is sourced from the species Croton, Pterocarpus, Daemonorops, or Dracaena. It is believed that adding dragon’s blood to sage will increase the potency of the original blend. Strongly associated with fire, helps to provide power and protection. The white sage plant grows naturally in the wide, dry areas of the Southwestern United States. Sage smudging ritual has been practiced for centuries to purify spaces and people, transform body and mind. White sage promotes the light of positivity and rejuvenation, helps to cleanse and elevate mind and space.
Light the end of a sage smudge stick and blow out quickly if it catches on fire. The incense will smolder and release smoke. Spread the smoke around you or around a space. Allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl. When you are finished, extinguish the sage stick by dabbing the lit end into a bowl. Insure incense is extinguished completely. Open the windows after a smudging session to allow fresh air, so that the smoke does nor become overwhelming.

Dragon’s blood Sage smudge stick, 30-40 g


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