Vibration Meditation Singing Bowl Set
Vibration Meditation Singing Bowl Set

Vibration Meditation Singing Bowl Set

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The exact origins of the singing bowl are not certain. It is believed that the tradition of singing bowl has originated from Nepal and Northern India, and were brought to Tibet around 800 AD with buddhism. Singing bowls have been used for thousands of years for meditation, as praying bowls and as traditional music instruments.

It is believed that the vibrating sound of the bowl balances the energy fields in the body, bringing it back to its natural state of harmony, health and joy.

Each of our bowls is hand hammered, made from a bronze alloy of copper and tin. It can be played in different ways to produce a variety of beautiful sounds which invokes deep meditative and peaceful states. To improve the sound of the bowl, place it on a cushion. The singing bowl can be used for deep relaxation and regeneration, to ease both mental and emotional tension.

set: singing bowl, cushion and mallet

Since all of our bowls are hand hammered, every single bowl is a unique piece that exists only once. All bowl dimensions given are approximate.

Bowl dimensions: diameter 12,5 cm, height 6 cm

Cushion dimensions: diameter 14,5 cm

Mallet dimensions: length 18 cm

How to practice

Sit in a relaxed position with a straight spine. Close your eyes and connect to your breath. Hold the bowl in the palm of your non dominant hand or on your fingertips. You can also place the bowl on a flat surface on a cushion. Try different positions to find the most comfortable way of holding the bowl, so your hand won’t get tired right away. Play as long and as often as you need.

How to play your singing bowl

Your singing bowl can be played in two ways. To create soft gonging tones, strike the side of your bowl with the mallet. Striking the bowl harder will produce a louder sound. You can also use the mallet to rub your bowl’s rim in a circular motion, which is known as making the bowl ‘sing’. Applying more pressure and speeding up will make your singing bowl sound more strongly.

While using the singing bowl is safe, there are certain conditions that might require completely avoiding singing bowl. We do not recommend it for pregnant women, people with neurological disorders and those with heart pacemaker, metal implants, metal inserts or metal staples in the body.
Wipe your singing bowl with a clean, dry cloth..

Singing bowl: 77,63% copper, 21,73% tin, 0,44% silicon

Cushion: 100% cotton

Mallet: wood


made in India


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