Yoga is the art of waking up and getting back to true you. It offers the way to see a world that is working for us instead of against us. Yoga reminds that everything is connected, so we should live, act and breath with awareness.

The art of now

JOY in me is rooted in friendship and yoga fascination. It comes from our travel experience and from passion for active life. It’s a constant quest for life balance. JOY in me is a beautiful journey which started many years ago and still continues. If the journey really is the reward, then we choose to enJOY each and every single moment of this journey. We hope you will join us.

JOY in me

JOY in me is a lifestyle activity yoga brand bringing modern essentials for yoga practice and for work outs that use elements of yoga. JOY in me is the expression of contemporary inner feminine beauty: gentle & natural.

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