Hold & Stretch Yoga Strap

JOY in me


Composition: 100% cotton

Dimensions: 250 cm x 3,8 cm

Care: hand wash 

Hold & Stretch yoga strap is a helpful addition to any practice for yogis of all levels. It helps to increase movement and improve body awareness by activating muscles.

Safe practice

Made from strong, durable cotton in sober grey provides a good grip. Yoga strap is perfect to increase flexibility and can be used to safely achieve asanas. It makes posing easier and safer and helps to reach further and work towards advanced poses and holds. Durable D-ring buckle can be easily adjusted. Made from thick metal it won’t bend or break and will keep you locked firmly in place.

Helpful aid

Made from high quality cotton, strong and soft, gives a comfort during posing. The strap is not only useful in active yoga but also in various restorative poses. Add yoga strap to your practice to stretch and open up the body for a deep relaxation.