FLOW yoga mat Banana Mamma 3 mm

JOY in me


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Length: 183 cm
Width: 63 cm
Thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 2.4 kg
Set: yoga mat + yoga mat strap

Bali is our never-ending inspiration. While cruising around the island you can’t miss Banana trees. They are just everywhere resonating in strong sun showers. Their lush leaves with their size, shape and incredible color are so vibrant and visually energizing. There is something mystical in this resourceful sacred tree. We selected this beautiful print with having all this aesthetical and spiritual aspect in mind. We hope this new vibrant mat will be your source of energy and will bring you lots of JOY every day.

Ideal for any kind of dynamic yoga, hot yoga, bikram yoga, pilates or any kind of sweaty high intensity workout.


Offers dynamic, responsive grip which activates during intensive sweaty practice. The mat grips better the more you sweat!


Allows to move  smoothly and flawlessly from asana to asana.


The right thickness and high rubber density buffer joints from impacts in various poses and protects especially knees and hips areas. Provides cushion and stability.


Provides unparalleled traction thanks to rubber base herringbone pattern which locks mat in place and doesn’t allow to move and roll out on the edges.


The mat consists of natural, 100% biodegradable & recyclable, non-amazon harvested tree rubber base and ultra-absorbent, soft suede top (polyester). Free from metals such as lead and cadmium, free from phthalates, latex and silicone. Two layers are bonded together thanks to heat bonding process which eliminates the need of toxic glues. Printed with water based inks. Gentle both to the environment and to your body.


The mat activates its grip with dynamic and sweaty workout. At the beginning of your practice we recommend to focus on your massless and press stronger your hands and feet to the mat. You can also slightly spray the mat with water or wet your hands and feet. You can also slightly spray the mat with water or wet your hands and feet. Don’t worry if you find your new mat a bit slippery the first time. The more you use your mat the better the grip will get.


Wipe your mat down with wet cloth or wash in washing machine (max. 30 degrees). Hang to dry. Do not put in dryer or use any detergent.