Yoga not only for adults.Tablets, smart phones, Internet, noise, buzz, rush. We are constantly exposed to various stimuli and information that affect us, we let it all in through our senses. This constant uncontrolled sensory overloading makes it difficult for us to ensure the stimuli proper selection and cutting off. While as adults we are aware of it and we can at least try to deal with it, in case of children the matter is even more difficult. One of the ideas to solve this type of problems can be yoga for children.

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Meet Charlotte

We met Charlotte at Vinyasa classes, she was teaching in one of Canggu (Bali) yoga schools. We got hypnotized by her energy and straight knew that this is exactly the energy we would like to capture in pictures and share with all of our Joy in me community. Meet Charlotte...

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Yoga Bali journey

Bali Yoga Journey by Joy in  me is a curated look of the intimate yoga moments blended in untouched Bali scenery. Magical yoga trip full of amazing people, undiscovered locations and yoga practice in nature.

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