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Plastic is absolutely everywhere in our lives and is an undeniable threat to our beautiful planet, especially the ocean! It’s an everlasting material. Our oceans have aggregated 150 million tones of it. Every year as many as 8 billion plastic bottles are cast drift into worlds oceans. And each of these bottles takes 400 years to decompose. If things carry on like these,…we don’t need to explain.

Living more consciously is something we believe is an area that requires constant growth. 

We personally feel there are many areas of life we can do better to show respect for our planet. 

Over the last past months, since our last trips to Indonesia our concern towards the effects of plastic on our planet raised and we’re trying to learn what we can do about it and learn more about wast free leaving.

We strongly believe that to make changes we need to start from ourselves. 

Here are our tips for reducing plastics and living more mindfully.

We’ve been applying these principles ourself and even though we still need to create many habits to be consistent, we’re working on it!

1 Bring reusable bags on every trip to the store.

One thing that we’re really trying to remember is to always bring our own bags to the store.

Forget the plastic bottled water, use a reusable bottle, refill it at the tap whenever you need.

Learn to love your tap water.

We find these two, the easiest ways to reduce your plastic consumption. Simply replace as many of your usual plastic items such as bottles and shopping bags with reusable ones. Simple as that! You’ll have less trash, and you’ll have cool stuff that you can keep and bring everywhere with you! Isn’t it way better to drink water in a nice reusable bottle than in a plastic one? But really, everywhere. There are so many opportunities to refill, you will start seeing them everywhere, and you will realize that you don’t need plastic bottles any more.

3 Say no to straws.

When ordering, say, “No straw, please,” or carry your own stainless-steel straw.

4 Organise your waste.

The other little goal is to place 100% of all recyclables in the recyclable bin.

5 Minimise the Plastic Packaging usage.

This one is quite challenging but good step is to buy more bulk and keep veggies loose.

Let’s create better future with less plastic.

pictures: @zalacuden

featured: @surfchickitas

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