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When living in a city, things can sometimes get a bit heavy. 

The constant rush of a bustling city can be overwhelming and, if you’re not careful, you can soon be taken by the flow and the one going about your daily routine.

Living in a concrete jungle can be fun, exciting, scary, busy but as well stressful. So, let’s take time to re-think our routine and find the self-care moments which will help to not loos ourselves in the city. Here are some tips on how to keep up with the city and make the most of it!

Get up a little earlier.

We know it's already difficult to get out of bed every day. But we’ve found that this really helps. Having a little bit more time in the morning and use it for something that makes you feel good, something small like good breakfast, reading or doing morning yoga on your favourite yoga mat. This can change the whole day.

Be the energy you want to attract.

There is the saying that people in the cities are not smiling and are moody (not to be mixed with Tropical Mood ;) ). Small acts of kindness can make a big difference for the receiver and the giver.

Make the most of your commuting time.

Time is what the city loves to carry away the most. This is why it’s so important to use every moment to its full potential.

So be sure to enjoy that time of traveling! Have a book or listen to your favorite music. Traveling sometimes is the only time when we really got a chance to read or enjoy your favourite tea from your hot/cold water bottle.

Find your favorite places and at the same time explore newness.

Explore, explore, explore. There is always a place in the city to be discovered. Just get off the stop where you never been before.

If you haven’t been there, go. Go somewhere new for a change and you might discover a gem. Same goes with experiences, there’s always a bunch of cool things going on in the city, so try them out!

And don’t forget about people. Talk with people this can give you lots of new interesting stories and you can learn a lot just don’t be shy.

Every day is unique. Celebrate it.

With so much happening around you, it’s very easy to lose perspective and lose yourself. Scrolling through your phone without a reason probably sounds familiar. Wouldn’t it be better to observe surrounding with fresh eyes and be present. There is lots of things that can make you laugh or just surprise you as you haven’t notice them before. Having a small diary of the nice moments and observations from the day can be a great reminder that there was something good and unique in this particular day.

Find time for friends.

Make time to see those who make you happiest. They can always help to put your life into perspective. 

And the most important. Don’t feel guilty for having lazy quite day. Watch movies have a good food and recharge your batteries.

Just stay positive.

Enjoy our small gift. This is a playlist for all city dwellers looking for self care moments. Great for yoga but not only. It was created by Joy in me true friend whose music taste is endless source of inspiration. Meet Paulina Grabarczyk:

Music is a way to see my emotions at the other side of the mirror. I love loosing myself into new tunes and get inspired by new music projects. When creating this playlist I wanted to convey the perfect yoga session when each minute brings new experience….it’s starts and ends with delicate tones bringing natural release and calming down the senses. The middle part brings dynamic vibes yet staying in my beloved electronic tunes. EnJOY.

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