Meet Charlotte

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Who is Charlotte  Skogsberg? Tell us your story!

Born in Sweden, lived there until my early 20s until I went out traveling in Asia for the first time. That trip ended with me moving to France and I spent the next 15 years in the southwest France. A few years back I decided to leave the corporate city life that I was living and go back to what I was passionate about, Yoga. In the little surf town of Biarritz, where France and Spain meets on the Atlantic coast, I started teaching yoga within the practice of physiotherapy and osteopathy. I now live in Bali since two and a half years.

Meet Charlotte

Words you live by?

The only way out is in

What is your greatest passion in life?

Understanding the magic of the human experience!

How and when did Yoga come into your life?

I have always had a particular relationship to the corporal expression. I went to dance school for many years during my childhood and adolescence. Then life happened and during my 20s I got very disconnected from it. I found yoga through a book around 10 or so years ago and started putting my weekend sequence together in order to calm my very anxious mind down.

Why yoga?

It was the perfect combination for me then and there. I was disconnected to my physical body, couldn't read the signals and was very much struggling with accepting it for what it was. I was rather anxious, busy mind and sleep difficulties so the physical practice of yoga was what I needed to be able to reconnect, calm the mind enough to try to sit down in meditation for longer periods of time.

What was it that impressed you initially about Yoga and what impresses you today?

Yoga constantly impresses me because it is the unfolding of you as a being. You can only start a journey from where you are and on the journey of life, yoga will be for you what you are for yourself at that time. Like a kaleidoscope it will change you and its meaning for you will change throughout time. It is the journey of life.

Do you remember your first practice?

I think so. Before I bought that book that introduced yoga more properly and that I put together a sequence, I had learned a few poses to do in the morning through some magazine I think. I remember that it gave me a pleasurable sensation in the body that reminded me of feeling playful.

How has yoga made a difference to your life?

It is hard to synthesize to a few lines but I would say that the more I practiced, the more I realized that it actually gave me something outside of the mat. I think that the biggest epiphany is that. Realizing that you take it with you outside the mat. All of a sudden it doesn't seem so fulfilling to use external distractions to numb your mind. You start to notice a certain ease in difficult situations which helps you to take a step back before you react instead of just follow an impulse of the Ego mind that wants to react to manifest its existence. You also start to read signals from body, mind and heart quicker than before.

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What is the most beautiful place that you have ever practiced yoga? Tell us more about your yoga journey.

I can’t name one place that was the most beautiful. There are so many. I used to go down to the ocean in Biarriz to practice, early in the morning. I especially remember a beautiful but so cold December morning when the sun had just come up and I was practicing in front of the blue and calm ocean, having only the horizon as point of focus. It was such a blissful moment. But I had another gorgeous experience in Manly, outside of Sydney a couple of years ago when I went up early (the sun is high so early when you face the east) to practice on the rooftop of the building where I was staying with some friends. And of course, during my training, up in the mountains in the north of Thailand with the peaceful environment of the ashram, that is obviously a big favorite as well.

Where do you live now?


Why Bali?

I fell in love with Bali many years ago when I first came here. It was always part of the plan even if I wasn't always consciously aware of it, to live here at some point.

How is the living in paradise?

It’s living on a tropical island. With the advantages and inconvenience that it brings!

What makes you feel a billion times better?


What does JOY mean to you?

Being so much at peace with the present moment that you have no desire what so ever to leave it.

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