Joy Wellness - Warming Infusion

The ritual of hot infusions is something that carries us through the chillier, darker months when we naturally gravitate toward a comforting practice that warms our body and soul. Now thanks to DROP hot /warm water bottle we can bring them wherever the day is take us (travel, work…name one).

Since long we’re collecting and testing everyday infusions recipes. Some already become part of our cold weather rituals. 

Warming infusions are as simple as a preparation can get.

So today we want to share a drink both warming and absolutely delicious! We found this amazing recipe in Anna Lewandowska’s Healthy Cooking by Ann and since then it became our must have Autumn/ Winter infusion. 

Below you will find a slightly adapted version of the so called Kiler Infusion.

The three basic ingredients are Chinese gunpowder green tea, ginger, cloves, honey, lemons, apple and orange. Chinese gunpowder green tea (the rolled, ball-shaped tea leaves), is a bold green tea that is slightly smoky and can stand up to the freshness of lemon and apple.

You will simply need to heat water to 80 degrees (bring the water to a boil and cool for a few minutes) and then steep the tea, cloves, cayenne pepper and few small slices of ginger for approximately two to three minutes. You can infuse it with fresh slices of lemon, orange and apple for a brighter flavour as it steeps and add a bit of honey . 


1 tbsp Chinese gunpowder green tea

1 tsp whole cloves

1 tsp cayenne pepper

2 tbsp honey (optional: more to taste)

10 of ginger, chopped

2 slices of lemon

3 slices of orange

XO Joy in me

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