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Words you live by?

Everything happens, happen for a good reason.

What is your greatest passion in life?

One of my greatest passion is helping others to have a healthier life. That is why I learned how to teach Yoga and fitness (these two are my passion too) so with that I can share my knowledge to others about getting fit and healthy, eating right and also to help them to be conscious with their own body and their life.

Where do you live now?

Right now I live in Bali

Why Bali?

Because Bali is home. Bali is so relaxing and gives me many positive energy, in Bali I can be whoever whatever I wanna be. It is also a great place to bring up my daughter with its beautiful surrounding and their amazing culture. Life in Bali is balancing between having fun and having faith and not to mention the beaches in Bali are so beautiful.

How is the living in paradise?

Life here is great !!Not too stressful like when you live in the city. As for me a yoga practitioner I can grow beyond what i expected by living in such a soulful island.

Why yoga?

Because with yoga I can be the better version of my self inside and out. Yoga teaches me to be healthy not only for my body but also my mind and my soul. Yoga taught me patience and what the essential of life truly is … My heart grow fonder I have better tolerance than before, I feel healthier and I smile a lot.

What is your favourite type of yoga and why?

I like Vinyasa especially the flow one. I lead many Vinyasa flow class. I like how one pose is connected from one to the other, flowing like we dance and also how we learn to deepened our breath along with every pose we perform. Some of Vinyasa class is quite physically demanding too.

Do you remember your first practice?

Course I do !! It was towards the end of 2009 when at that time I thought yoga was something worth to try for. And so I did and since then i got hooked, maybe I met a good teacher too.

How has yoga made a difference to your life?

Well to be honest I have learn a lot from practicing yoga all these years. I learned how to love my self without being selfish, to listen without judging, to be mindful, to be content and to be grateful for whatever I have. I listen more and I become more conscious for whatever goes into my body and out from my mouth. I definitely live  healthier and happier life than before my yoga time,and  I am becoming a better wife and mother as well as better person to my surrounding.

What was the most beautiful place that you have ever practiced yoga?

Once i got invited to conduct a yoga session in one of the extraordinary villa in the South of Bali by the cliff, viewing the ocean and the sunset. For me it was just the most beautiful place on earth to do yoga, to feel the breeze and to hear the sound of the waves literally and let the sunlight touches our skin.

It was very lovely to meet your daughter. Tell us something more about her. We are very interested if she's practicing yoga?  Is it difficult to convince children to practice yoga and how do you think children can benefit from practicing yoga?

Ahhh her … my life evolve around her. She’s a beautiful and very cheerful little soul, she always lit me up and have a heart of gold. She is my rock !! She does love yoga now even though it tooks her a while to really think yoga is cool enough for her. I often takes her along with me to my own class or to attend classes. It isn’t easy to convinced children to practice yoga therefore a good introduction it’s very essential. I came to my daughter school to do introduction yoga once and off course I only showed them those interesting poses such a tree pose - down dog and all those pose that it’s easier for them to imitate. Also to sit still in meditation pose and be quite for a moment. I had a good response from parents ! In my opinion I think parents should encourage their children to do yoga as it is an excellent activities for kids to learn basic breathing and as well as keeping their flexibility. Yoga also have so many health benefit that is good for all age let alone kids.

What does JOY mean to you?

JOY is happiness. And happiness is what we need to have a better life. Happy is essential.

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